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Vol. XXVIII No. 24, April 1-15, 2019

Our Readers Write

Queries to red brigade

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With reference to the letter titled red brigade in the last issue (MM, March 1st), I record my complaints to Swiggy and Zomato. I do not expect much action though, because their business model is such that they have little or no control over their delivery persons.

I have the following complaints against the delivery persons.

1)None of them ever follow any traffic rules.

They never wear helmet.

Even if they wear a helmet, it’s never buckled.

They over speed.

They never halt at signals when it shows red lights. Instead, they zig zag their way and disobey signals.

They drive sometimes against the traffic in the wrong direction.

2)Hygiene: Less said the better. They look so dirty, sweaty.

3)Balancing the haversack like bag, which mostly hangs out, there is a chance that they might loose their balance and even fall down.

I am certain that this mail will only fetch a standard “copy-paste” reply.

With the management least bothered to ensure that laws are adhered to, one can conclude that the management will not hesitate to follow unethical practices in business as well.

Perhaps the management is only keen to fill in the coffers with venture capital funds and only the valuation bothers them.

C.S. Ananth

‘Sai Villa’

Plot No. 500, 4th South Main Road

Kapaleeswara Nagar

Neelankarai, Chennai 600 115

Date corrected

With reference to last fortnight’s article on Abbotsbury, Mohan V. Raman has sent in a correction – the event referred to was the 10th death anniversary of his grandfather A.V. Raman and was organised by Mohan’s father, the leading lawyer V.P. Raman, at Abbotsbury on January 30, 1968. The event witnessed Rajaji (past CM), Anna (then CM) and two future CMs (M. Karunanidhi and MGR) in attendance. The picture shows them with V.P. Raman and Mohan (both standing extreme right)

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