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Vol. XXVIII No. 24, April 1-15, 2019

Pavithra’s Perspective

A very colourful Pongal

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It is one of the busiest thoroughfares of Chennai – this junction which leads to Kodambakkam, while roads to the right and left lead to the Lake area, Nungambakkam, and T. Nagar respectively. It is the focal-point where residents split off to several of Chennai’s nerve-centres. Cars, bikes and buses blast by in a haze of smoke, while autos and cycles power on precariously amidst automobile giants. A motoring hotspot, a literal traffic circus where insane driving skills have to be juggled (despite the ubiquitous traffic-lights) with barely-restrained road-rage, interspersed with expert telepathic knowledge about who is going to turn where, why and precisely when. Despite the beautiful Valluvar Kottam looming just to the side, not a moment can be spent in its contemplation – lest you be run over by an irate auto, its driver spluttering in righteous indignation.

But here again, you’ll find another of Chennai’s hallmarks: where art co-exists with autos; where pots jostle in friendly fashion with pedestrians, plodding bullock-carts and fashion-forward vehicles. Come Pongal season (and even otherwise), you’ll find sudden shops erupting along the platform, full of bright white pots painted with the most colourful patterns. Men and women engaged in beautifying this most necessary element of the Harvest Festival. Adding a dash of gaiety to an established custom; their own unique, modern spin on tradition. New ways to keep the old, relevant. In a way, that almost epitomizes us, doesn’t it?

Description: 3.5″ by 5″ approximately[Text Wrapping Break]Medium: Steadtler Fineliners, colour.

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