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Vol. XXXI No. 2, May 1-15, 2021

Heritage Watch

The Madras Literary Society steps into the e-age with #KnowMLSIn30Days

MLS Volunteers

How does a heritage institution modernise and become relevant to the times. That is a question that plagues most of our historic entities. In fact the inability to change with the times is most often the reason why many iconic institutions of the past vanish. In such a scenario, it is heartening to see the Madras Literary Society (MLS) showing us the way.

Any entity reflects the personalities of those that run it. In the case of the MLS it is lucky that it has youthful members even though it is by itself more than 200 years old. These young volunteers have embarked on social media campaigns to gather support for the MLS and the response has been encouraging.

“#knowmlsin30days campaign on social media, and as an email drive to members and well-wishers, is continuous,” says Tripurasundari Sevvel. “A series of posts has made netizens understand what MLS is and what it stands for. The communication is not just text, we combine it with art.

Years of support and patronage, members , well-wishers, staff and earlier committee members are represented through stories and letters. All the initiatives are volunteer driven. The full #knowmlsin30days campaign can be seen in our social media handles.

Those willing to support are encouraged to help by renewing subscriptions even though they may not be able to access the books till the situation eases with a donation….. no amount is too small.

MLS is a team effort and this social media campaign was our way of putting the MLS story out for others to know and also be part of the volunteer-led fundraiser and contribute.

The response has been very encouraging and those interested are welcome to follow the campaign on our social media pages. You can see us on Facebook at and Instagram at respectively.”

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  1. sudhakar says:

    just like people tend to ignore the previous generations and do the same things again like building newer temples ignoring and neglecting the existing old ones, the world class MLS and connemara have been forgotten

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