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Vol. XXXIV No. 2, May 1-15, 2024

Our Readers Write

Post Office plays innovative role

It is laudable that India Post has taken innovative efforts to ensure that people vote in the general election 2024 without fail, by printing special cancellation (postmark) on mail collected from letter-boxes. I am giving a specimen so that readers would appreciate the timely act of the Post Office.

R. Soundararajan
1/46 Sivasakti Nagar
Nagapattinam 611003

Kudos to Srivatsan

It is really heartening to learn of the yeomen service rendered by Srivatsan Sankaran in giving training to deaf photographers and paving the way for them to find jobs in various organisations (Holi in UP as seen by a Chennai photographer – MM, April 1-15). It is really mind boggling that this travel photographer who himself is deaf has chosen to be the photography educator for the deaf. The captivating manner in which he has captured the colourful scenes of the festival of Holi in UP is beyond appreciation. Looking at the pictures , one really feels as if he / she is present at the spot enjoying the festival. The joyous moments have been rightly clicked with a sense of absolute precision and perfection which is the success of Srivatsan, the creator of those pictures. He richly deserves all accolades and appreciation.

Tharcius S.Fernando
10, First Street
A.V.M. Nagar, Virugambakkam
Chennai 600 092

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