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Vol. XXXII No. 8, August 1-15, 2022

Archives: Vol. XXXII No. 8, August 1-15, 2022


Madras Day is back

-- by The Editor

At last, after a hiatus of two years, Madras Day, and its adjuncts – Madras Week, Madras Month, etc, are all back. And in what is a true vindication of the vision of its founding fathers, namely S. Muthiah, Vincent D’Souza and Sashi Nair, the celebrations continued, albeit in a muted fashion, even while the pandemic raged. People moved onto a virtual format for their events and ensured that their tribute to the city was paid. Truly, it was the pandemic that demonstrated that Madras Day is here to stay after all. Let us hope that this year, with COVID 19 showing signs of ebbing at least in terms of mortalities, Madras Day is celebrated in the old, grand way, with live events.

The signs are encouraging. The Madras Day mailbox ( and that of this publication ( are filling up with messages. Schools are doing events and so are embassies – it must be pointed out here that these two constituents have been firm supporters of Madras Day from the time it was mooted as a concept. We are not sure as to how the hospitality industry, battered as it has been by COVID and only just recovering, will respond, but we are hopeful. There are plenty of heritage walks on the anvil, with lots of youngsters


Environmental scares signal urgent need for TNPCB to step up action

-- by our Special Correspondent

Mr G.R. Alfred Rupak, correspondent of St. Antony’s Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Thiruvottiyur says it started on July 5th, when a pungent odour akin to LPG gas permeated the air, forcing students to exit their classrooms. The malodour also affected other residents of Thiruvottiyur and Manali,


Madras Pinjrapole

-- by Sudha Umashanker

Over 2000 cows in all – old, middle aged and young (in fact, one delivered on the day of my visit) are well cared for in this remarkable facility. Set up over a hundred years ago over a sprawling area


This Business of the Cooum

-- by Shobha Menon

If any river could be angry, I guess it has to be the Cooum. A vibrant and integral part of the socio-economic and cultural life of Chennai city till the early twentieth century, the earliest recorded proposal to clean this natural watercourse (now, a chronic carrier of sullage and sewage) was way back in 1890. In spite of different political scenarios, officials and extensive funding, the Cooum restoration project – possibly the flagship of urban riverine system


When Chess was played in Olde Madras

-- by Sriram V

The 44th Chess Olympiad is all the buzz in the city and by the time this issue reaches your hands, we are sure that the tournaments will be moving towards the grand finale. True, the Russian aggression in Ukraine has been the reason for this sports-meet to move to Chennai but then none can argue that our city is a chess capital. In fact, Madras Musings, as early as in its February 16 issue in 2001, had declared

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